Witch Hazel Q's?

Last time I got a facial at a spa my facialist recommended that I use Witch Hazel but I was wondering (1) what do most people use it for (breakouts? as a toner?) (2) do you use it AM or PM for best results?

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Hi Jess! I use Thayers witch hazel as a toner in the morning because it’s so gentle! The beauty of witch hazel is that it isn’t going to be drying because it is alcohol-free. It is also extremely soothing so it’s great for breakouts and/or sensitive skin. You can use it AM/PM or just one!


Witch hazel is commonly used in skincare products that target oily or combination skin, as it can help to balance and manage oil! I swear by the Thayer’s witch hazel w/rose water toner (which I use both AM/PM). It’s alcohol free (which is so important), and it does a great job preventing my breakouts!