Which treatments have you seen the biggest difference from?

There are so many out there, it’s hard to know what’s worth the money. Are there any you swear by?

Great question! It really depends on your goals and your skin condition. I have combo skin (oily t-zone) and superficial dryness, but my skin is super resilient so I can handle various treatments easily. My favorite is probably dermaplaning with a light peel after - my skin just GLOWS after!

I always struggle with really clogged pores :frowning: I find that getting extractions done by a professional has been life changing from my skin! I would highly recommend!!

I love dermaplaning! My skin has never felt so soft.

LED light therapy has brought my skin miles closer to my goal of preventing/healing breakouts. If you’re more concerned with anti-aging, there is also a collagen production setting.

xx Emma