What is the different between hyper-pigmentation and freckles?

I have always had a lot of freckles, and they tend to darken/come out more in the sun. How are these freckles different from hyper-pigmentation/sun spots? Can I try to make my freckles fade using the same products I would if I were trying to get rid of hyper-pigmentation?

Hi Lauren,

Freckles and sun spots look very similar but are actually quite different. Freckles are cells in your skin that naturally produce more melanin as a form of protection from uv rays. Much like the skin on your body the freckled areas will also get darker if exposed to the sun for long periods of time. They are darker than your skin complexion naturally and for that reason will also tan darker. However, sun damage is a little different, the spots tend to be larger and are caused from over exposing your skin to UV rays. Sun damage can show up years after the actual damage was done. For example if you had a sun burn as a child the damage that your skin went through can show up in your teen years. The biggest difference between sun spots and freckles is that sun spots are also one way to indicate premature again and should be kept a close eye on since some spots have the possibility of being cancerous. Lastly, lightening any kind of pigmentation can be tricky and a lengthy process but can be done. Both freckles and sun spots can be lightened using a series of lightening and brightening products and lasers for deeper pigmentation. Definitely consult with a skin care professional before beginning any kind of lightening process to make sure the products/ingredients you’ll be using are right for you.