Welcome to Skindex!

Here at Glowbar our mission is to help you face your skin, find solutions and get results.

WHAT IS SKINDEX? In addition to our esthetician services, we’ve created Skindex: a place for #skintellectuals like yourself to share routines, product recommendations and reviews, discuss ingredients and ask questions.

CATEGORIES We know you’re busy, so we’ve set up straight-forward categories so you can cut to the chase and explore discussions on the skincare issues that are most relevant to YOU! Not sure where your question fits? We’ve given guidance on what types of topics fall within each category in the pinned notes.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT We want this to be as helpful as possible, so please include as much info as you can in your postings: price range, product feel, how long you’ve been using the product etc. Photos are encouraged! And of course, play nice.

Let’s help each other GLOW.