Sunscreen and Tan

Can you get a tan while wearing sunscreen, and how often should you reapply sunscreen?

you absolutely can!!

Is it safe to tan with tanning oil if I am using SPF as well? I want to stay protected from the sun but still want to get really tan this summer.

Time for some tanning myth-busting:
:sunny:There is no safe amount of tanning: Tanning isn’t bad for you just because it comes with the risk of burning. Tanning is bad for you because your body doesn’t even begin to tan until dangerous UV rays have penetrated your skin and started to mess with your DNA. Any change in your natural skin color is a sign of skin damage

My advice, stick to self tanners; it’s a much safer option.

If your interested in a great tan this summer, try St.Tropez tanning products! They are amazing and are a much safer alternative than tanning from the sun.


Thank you for the recommendation!! I am totally gonna try this out :grinning:

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