Sebaceous Filaments

I have these clear sometimes yellow filaments all over my nose and on my chin. They don’t become pimples but they are just annoying to have and makes my skin in those areas rough. I sometimes try to pluck them out with a tweezer but a lot of them are just too deep in the skin. What are your recommendations for extracting these or any products I should use to keep these in control??

This is annoying! The fact that you are producing a lot of sebum (oil) makes me happy in a way because it will keep that skin looking great for many years to come!

I would recommend a Vitamin A product. Vitamin A is a do it all ingredient, it literally checks all of the boxes. It will help regulate sebum production, helps regulate cellular turnover, improves pigment, collagen synthesis, on and on the list could go. At Glowbar we have a lot of different options in the Vitamin A category. If you have never used the ingredient before, we have an amazing product that will gently introduce all of the wonders of Vitamin A into your skin. The product is from the Skin Essentia range level 1.

The only other type of product that I would recommend would be a physical scrub of some kind. Only thing is here, is that you really want warm the product up with water and let the exfoliant do the work not your hands. This can help to clear cellular debris and keep the surface of the skin nice and clean.

Another product

I would love to purchase this product!! How can I get it please??

Awesome, you will not regret it.

Please email for the product you would like to purchase.