Retinol for Beginners

Any recommendations for a retinol product for a first time user with sensitive skin? Thanks!

I love seeing messages like this! I would say start off with something from the Skin Essentia range. This has lower levels of Vitamin A (retinol) but will still be very effective at treating the skin. Environ utilizes a step up system so once your skin was acclimated to this product you could then advance to the next. This is good because it allows for the skin to get used to active ingredients, and you get to experience your skin becoming stronger!

I would recommend AVST 1.

Hi! I’ve been thinking about using retinol for the first time since I’ve always been worried about being patchy and since no ones seeing me in quarantine now feels like a good time to start. My question is - how should I incorporate this into my routine? What time of day should I use it? Should I take anything out of my routine if I include retinol? What should I avoid?

Current routine:
AM - cleanse with a gentle moisturizing cleanser, apply an oil/serum (Futuredew by Glossier) or a serum (Indie Lee’s Squalane Facial Oil) and suncreen (Invidible Shield by Glossier)

PM - cleanse with same moisturizer, Exfoliate (biologique recherche P50 (1970 version)) and then face oil (usually Indie Lee.

I don’t break out often since starting P50, two years ago. Truly my favorite product which is why I have also been afraid to give it up, which I’m assuming I will have to do if I start a retinol!

Love the routine! You can absolutely incorporate the retinol in your routine.

Do you already have the retinol you will be using? If not I would highly recommend one from Environ. They are blended with other botanical ingredients so you won’t get the patchiness etc.

Start by using the retinol 1-2 nights a week. Maybe Sunday night and then again Wednesday or Thursday. Only use it at night and make sure you are using spf in the day.

You do not have to stop using the P50. Just put a little bit of water on the cotton square or round that you use to apply the P50 it will
Make the product a little less aggressive for that use.

Hope this helps!