Quarantine Skin

What’s the best way to optimize this “down time” for our skin? If you’re not wearing makeup anymore, should you still wash twice a day? Is there such thing as too many masks and products? How are you skin experts making the most of this time with your own skin?


Hey! We love that you want to use this time wisely to care for your skin.
That being said…try not to switch up the routine to much. Believe it or not even when indoors dirt, dust, and debris will be on our skin by the end of the day. I personally always love a cleanse at the end of the day ensuring skin is clean before going through my nighttime routine. I will always use a cream cleanser. I do not cleanse my skin in the morning, I will usually just take a cotton round with cold water and do some gentle circular motions to wake the skin up.

You could absolutely uses masks that are a blend of several acids to help with cellular exfoliation and health of the skin. Hydrating masks are great as well to end the day with.

If you are going to introduce something new into your routine try to keep it to one product maybe two max and use them consistently.

I personally will use a more “active” mask one night of the week. I am also keeping up with my “active” serums and mixing in more hydrating masks 2 times a week.

Hope this helps!