NuFace - any good?

I’ve seen so much buzz about the NuFace at home microcurrent device. Thinking of getting it to tide me over until I can get back to Glowbar. Any feedback?

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They are great…perfect addition to an at home routine until you can get back to Glowbar!

I have never used it before but my friend Ashli uses it religiously and swears by it for every day use in between her glowbar treatments!

I have a client who loved the results of the microcurrent we did during her Glowbar treatments. Results will vary but she showed up for a treatment one day and I immediately noticed that her jawline seemed much tighter. I asked her if she had invested in the NuFace and she had! She had purchased it and had used it everyday for 5 minutes for the previous 30 days. I was impressed by how quickly the results were. It takes dedication but now that most people have more time at home, this would be a great time to invest in this device and make it a habit to use it daily. It is a great investment if you take the time to use it regularly.

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