Nose Congestion / Blackheads

What are the best products/ingredients to help eliminate blackheads (nose area in particular) and why do they keep coming back? Anything I can do to better control, or anything that could be exacerbating?


A clarifying or clay based mask is going to work best on that type of congestion. They keep returning because we generally have larger pores that produce oil through that part of the face.

A product like Active Serum from IS clinical can help to keep the pores a little cleaner. It is a blend of acids that will target different things within the tissue of the skin. Also I would be curious to know what you are cleansing with. If it is a foaming cleanser, sometimes this can make our oil glands produce more oil because the surface of the skin feels dry. Switching to something oil or cream based may help.

Vitamin A products can also help to minimize the appearance of the pores and help to clear the pores.