Mid-Day Workout

So during quarantine my workout schedule is all over the place. I’ve been working out around Noon, then sometimes another exercise around 2pm, then again in the evening. But when I first wake up around 7am I wash my face, tone, and moisturize.

So after I do my afternoon exercises (12pm and 2pm) what do I do after? I’ve just been putting water on my face then spraying my Indee Lee toner, but not reapplying moisturizer. If I’m sweating and wetting my face and re-toning, then should I re-moisturize?

My concern is using my Environ AVST 2 moisturizer multiple times a day because it’s a bit expensive for me and I don’t want to run out quicker than I would if I just used it once to twice daily. I also hate the fact that I put it on in the AM and then it washes off after my afternoon workouts!

Any suggestions here??

Thank you!

Hi Lindsey, this is a great question. Honestly I have to say that during the quarantine I have been doing the same thing. My best advice is to keep it simple. Do your normal morning routine, if you workout I personally would just leave your skin alone. The workout is good for the skin in general providing circulation and lymphatic flushing. The AVST is an incredibly well made product and is very bio available to the cells, so uptake is easy. Meaning you will get delivery of the active ingredients as soon as you apply the product to the skin.

I would then just cleanse in the evening, and do your nighttime routine.

The toning mid day is fine, and no you do not have to re-moisturize.

Thank you so much. This is sooo helpful. I was really stuck on what to do here.

Thanks again,