LED At-home Therapy

Hi! I am interested in starting a home LED therapy routine. Do you have any recommendations regarding devices and products to use with them?

Hi! There are many great LED home devices out there. You need to take into consideration your price point and how often you think you would use it. One of the best on the market would be the Celluma for home use. It is around $700 and is meant to be used 2-3x per week for 20-30 minutes. Another great one is from Dr. Dennis Gross. It is around $400 and is meant to be used everyday for 5 minutes each day. If you are looking for something in a lower price point, there are several on Amazon, I would suggest reading the reviews to see how users like it. Also be sure that it has both red and blue LED lights. Some devices require eye protection so read the manual for safety. Regarding products, LED works best on clean dry skin. But if you are using a device for 20-30 minutes, they can be a little drying, I would suggest using a very thin layer of a hydrating moisturizer.