Ingredients to avoid

When buying a skincare product, what ingredients should I look to avoid for my sensitive skin?

Hi Jess!

Sensitive skin and product sensitivity can be tricky! A number of things can trigger an adverse reaction when it comes to products. Do you say you have sensitive skin because things easily break you out? Or is it because when you put a product on you get a kind of burning or hot feeling from them?

xx Emma

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You want to avoid any skincare product with Oxybenzone. It is a known hormone disruptor. Most people who are allergic to sunscreens are allergic to chemical formulations so you may want to only use a physical sunscreen (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.) my suggestion is to find a blend of both a chemical and physical SPF, if that does not work for you stick to physical. Always pair with an antioxidant serum beforehand!


Hi Ally!
Thanks so much this was super helpful :grinning:
Any SPFs you would recommend??

Hi Jess!
You cannot go wrong with the Elta MD sunscreen! It’s lightweight, oil free, and great for sensitive skin!

This sunscreen looks AWESOME! The reviews online speak for themselves…I will def be trying this out! Thank you!!