How often should I exfoliate?

Is this something I should be doing one per day, week, month, or as needed?! Help! I’m lost.

When it comes to exfoliation it depends on your skin type! If you are very oily with impacted pores, you may be able to exfoliate about two to three times a week. If you are rather dry or your pores don’t seem to be congested, one time a week may be all you need. Another thing to consider is what kind of products you are exfoliating with.

A physical exfoliant can actually be more harsh than a chemical exfoliant. The granules in physical exfoliants that are used to rub off dead skin can sometimes be abrasive and possibly create micro tears in the skin.

Chemical exfoliants can either be an alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid, or even an enzyme. Chemical exfoliants break down the dead skin cells and aid in cell turnover. It is important to assess your skin and decide which type of exfoliation is best for your skin type.

Come in for an appointment so we can assess your skin together!

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