Hormonal Acne Solves

I have been getting mild acne EVERY MONTH for the past 5 years or so:

  • I only get acne during my period or close to it
  • I only get acne on my face
  • Majority of the time, I get acne on my cheeks and chin
  • I have never been in birth control

I used to think my acne was caused by makeup, but I started wearing very light makeup and I’ve been rigorous about cleansing after putting any on.

Is this hormonal acne? How can I get rid off of it? Birth control? Retinoids? Spironolactone? I’m not planning on using any of these without seeing a dermatologist or gynecologist first, but at the moment I can afford neither, so I’m just asking for your experiences or recommendations. Thank you in advance.

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What products are you using in your skincare routine? I struggled with hormonal acne and then I introduced retinol into my skincare routine and it was game changing for me!

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It sounds like this is in fact hormonal acne. I wouldn’t recommend beginning any prescription drugs before trying a new skincare routine.

First, we would need to know what products you are using on a daily basis to better understand what could be causing any further irritation.

Secondly, we recommend coming in once a month for skin maintenance and guidance for at home routines.

As far as products I would definitely recommend looking into products containing vitamin A since it helps regulate and balance the unhealthy cells in your skin. A vitamin in an ester form is best since it is more gentle on the skin and wont cause any drying, flaking and irritation.


Does the timing of my treatment (whether it’s before or during or after my period) matter? Is a skincare treatment more effective on hormonal acne based on when it is done?


As far as getting a treatment before or after your cycle it really depends on what type of breakout it is, typically hormonal acne is very cystic and deep. Home care for treating hormonal acne is absolutely key in suppressing it! If you are suffering a breakout and it is cystic, it is generally better to try to soothe it while it is first surfacing and then once it is beginning to form into a whitehead, getting it treated by an esthetician who can extract it properly to prevent scarring and infection.

xx Emma


Hi Lindsey, thanks so much for reaching out and trusting us to answer your questions!

Also thank you for providing me with so much background info. So it seems like you may have already answered the question. I do think you are suffering from hormonal acne, and I will tell you why.

I get the same kind of breakout every month due to the hormonal shift. As you can imagine we have access to great skin care tools and products, and even then we are not immune to a breakout. If it is on the lower part of the cheeks on to the chin/jawline where mine is it is absolutely hormonal.

I would keep your routine simple for now. A retinoid or Vitamin A product will absolutely help to regulate cell turnover which will help to curb the breakouts. I would recommend a Vitamin A product from Environ. The Retin A products from the derm are great but the products from Environ come with a lot of other ingredients blended into them to help the health of your skin on many levels.

The other options are very personal ( birth control and Spirnolactone) so I do not want to give my opinion on those.

Stay in touch with us! We would be happy to get you on a great regimen when the time is right for you!

Take care!