Growing out of acne

I’ve been getting breakouts ever since I was around 14. I’ve always believed it was as a result of puberty and that I would grow out of it, but now I’m 20 and still get breakouts on my face. Is there an age when i’ll stop breaking out?

Sadly there isn’t a specific age when someone will stop breaking out since a lot of different factors can be the cause of breakouts. Hormones, environment, ingredients in the products you use even your diet can be triggers to acne and this is just naming a few. I would suggest to evaluate and research the products that you’re using to see if any of them could be the cause of the breakouts. Getting your hormones checked can also be a huge help since they play a big role in the health of our skin. Lastly, getting facials once a month can really help maintain your pores clear.


How can I know what’s causing my acne?! Is there a way to determine if its caused by an ingredient, hormones, certain foods, etc?! It seems impossible to narrow it down…