Facials while pregnant

Is it safe to get a facial during my pregnancy? My skin could really use one as I am experiencing more acne than ever before.

At Glowbar you can absolutely get a facial!! Just make sure your esthetician knows that you are pregnant and they will tailor your treatment accordingly.
In general, however, here are some things that can be offered during a facial that you should avoid if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding:
:no_good_woman:High Frequence
:no_good_woman:Chemical Peels (depending on the strength of the peel)


Hi Jess!

As Laura said, at Glowbar we have a number of treatments we can perform while you’re pregnant! When filling out your form, make sure to let your esthetician know and she will take great care of you. We also carry a super effective home care line that is pregnancy/breastfeeding safe, so you can extend the glow of your facial!



amazing news!! Thank you