Facial Toners - What to purchase and why?

I am in need of a new toner. I have been using the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner for a couple of years, so I may just stick to it because I don’t seem to have any issues. However, I don’t see anything beneficial from it either! So I’m wondering if I should just stick to what I am used to, or venture out and get something new - I just don’t want to cause breakouts or spend an insane amount on a fancy toner that may not work or may just do what the Kiehl’s one does.

What should one look for in a toner?

Any suggestions here?

Thank you!

I would suggest the Botanical Infused Moisturizing Toner from Environ. It is a great choice in general, and especially as we move into the warmer months. This toner will not cause breakouts, it will simply rebalance and hydrate the skin. It is also a great step to use before adding other products because the skin will be hydrated topically so the other products can be more effective to the tissue of the skin.

You should look for a toner that will leave skin hydrated, refreshed, and prepped for other products, and a toner should not strip the skin it should really be the first step to feeding the skin.

Hope this helps!

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