Facial Oils Intro

Do I use them under moisturizer? Over? Instead of?

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Are facial oils appropriate for oily skin?

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SUCH a GOOD question! Yes! It depends on just how oily your skin is but if you are using a facial oil, and your skin seems to be cooperating, then keep doing what is working for you! I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and I find that in the summer, using ONLY an oil is sufficient. I also prefer to use oils at night. Just a preference!

Hi! Great question. Would love to know more about your skin type but in general, you should layer your skincare from lightest (in molecule weight - which is confusing, I know!) to heaviest. With this being said, oils tend to be “heavy” so they should be used last, almost like to seal in all the other products, including your moisturizer. Start with that and see how your skin feels! Keep us posted!