Face Mask Questions

Hi all! I have a bunch of questions about face masks!
Are face masks really worth the hype or just a gimmick? Are the expensive ones really worth it? (I haven’t been able to really notice a difference between expensive and affordable face masks).
How frequently should I use a face mask for it to be effective?
Lastly, if anyone can give me some good face mask recs, that would be amazing!!


Face masks can be a great weekly/bi-weekly treatment to keep your glow going in-between facials. Typically, masks are targeted for different skin needs, ingredient lists are key in selecting a good mask!

A great hydrating mask I love is the Hydrating Clay Masque from Environ. It has kaolin clay which clears the pores and penetrates nicely without stripping the skin’s natural oil barrier. For a Sephora buy, I do like the Fresh beauty Deep Hydrating Rose sleeping mask.

If you’re looking for a little exfoliation I like the Revivial from Environ skincare (It’s coined as the bright, light, and tight mask!)

xx Emma


Hey Emma!
Amazing recommendations!!
What are your thoughts on GlamGlow masks? Are they worth the hype and $$ or should I skip?