Existing wrinkles / vitamins

Can existing forehead wrinkles only be fixed with injections or can creams with retinol in them help take away how defined they are ? Any suggestions on creams to help existing wrinkles but also prevent new ones ?

Also I’m starting to take Oral vitamin a, vitamin e collagen and keratin . Are there any other vitamins you recommend ? Is it better to use vitamin a and vitamin e as topicals because they’re fat soluble ?

Topical creams can absolutely get you the results you are looking for. Anything from the Youth Essentia range from Environ can help. Higher levels of Vitamin A, C, E, and peptides are in each of the formulas. This would help with both existing lines, and be a preventative step. A dermal roller will also help to speed up results.

That being said the amount of lines we get can be dependent on skin type. For instance someone with a true dry skin will show signs of aging earlier because there is not a lot of surface oils.

SPF is a must as well!

Yes, using the vitamins topically will be better for overall health of the skin.