Do I have sensitive skin?

Since I am really fair skinned, I have always assumed I have sensitive skin…but what does having sensitive skin really look like, and how do I know if I am sensitive or not?

Such a GREAT question!! The truth is most people who think they have sensitive skin really don’t.
The term “sensitive skin” is tricky because it is a gray area: there isn’t a definitive checklist that you can use to define sensitive skin. The best way to establish your skin type is to pay close attention to how your skin reacts to certain things.
Here are common symptoms that people with sensitive skin may experience:
:no_entry_sign:You experience redness
:no_entry_sign:Your skin is dry
:no_entry_sign:You get rashes often
:no_entry_sign:You sunburn easily
:no_entry_sign:You’re prone to breakouts
:no_entry_sign:Your skin is reactive

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