Chin Congestion

I feel like no matter what I do, my chin always feels congested. I don’t always have blemishes there, but I just feel like the texture there is not smooth…I can see it’s clogged under the skin. Is it my diet? Hormonal? Please help!

I like the fact that you listed several factors in the question. It sounds like there is a hormonal component to the congestion. There could also be a dietary factor to it, my mind goes for dairy. Have you been eating more dairy products lately?

A good at home clay mask can help with this several times a week.

Environ makes a great one! Effective enough to pull out debris and excess oils, gentle enough to hydrate and soften the skin. The product is actually called Hydrating Clay Masque.

The chin area tends to get congested for many people. This is because for many it is an oilier region of the face, also it can sometimes be hormonal. Regular facials with extractions are very beneficial. Between facials you want to exfoliate regularly to help with the congestion. Chemical exfoliants tend to work best. Look for ingredients like salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acids. My favorite product for congested skin is IS Clinical Active Serum. Depending on your skin type and other products you are using, this can be used every night after cleansing or a few times per week. Many people including myself have seen huge improvements with this product.

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