AHA/BHA during the day?

I struggle with redness and mild rosacea (or what I think is rosacea), but when I ran out of my Ceramide Moisturizer, and switched to a temporary drug store one, I actually started to see improvement. I had been using that moisturizer for years now, so it’s a little unclear if it’s the cause of the redness. Could this be because of using an AHA/BHA out in the sun?

Retinoids themselves are photosensitive, they are affected by sunlight, to a lesser extent light generally which is a big part of why it is recommended to use them at night. Ultimately a lot of actives are somewhat photosensitive themselves - anything that is an antioxidant is.

It’s worth considering your own climate and lifestyle, how much light you are exposed to - directly and indirectly say through glass as you drive. Also consider whether you are using a physical (reflects) or chemical (absorbs) sunscreen. If you are applying and reapplying the recommended amount - most sunscreen users don’t do one or both of these. If you are using stronger AHAs you should be doing this anyway because they are photosensitising.

Building up slowly is always a good idea, or patch testing as per the sidebar. I found even 1.5% encapsulated retinol surprisingly gentle but there is always YMMV. For people with rosacea the overall routine should be pretty gentle/ conservative (no AHA or BHA).

Acids can make the skin more sun sensitive. However, if your wearing SPF religiously it may not be the cause of your redness…,In terms of the moisturizer, everybody’s skin reacts differently to different products so listen to what your skin is telling you. If something is working stick with it!

When using AHA/ BHA products, it is best to use them at night because they make our skin more sensitive to the sun. It is also important to make sure you are wearing spf during the day! Additionally, because AHA/ BHA are exfoliating to the skin, you may need to cut back and use these this product less than you are as they may be further sensitizing your skin!

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how often would you recommend exfoliating the skin, and what types of exfoliants are out there?