Acne and Rolling

Hi!! So two questions when it comes to acne.

1- Is derm roller a good idea when breaking out or wait?
2- should I use another cleanser in the AM or can you get away with using the same cleanser in the am and pm?

I would wait on the rolling for acne/breakout especially if it is widespread. Get the skin under control first then we can roll. If there is acne or a breakout present that means there is inflammation present. Inflammation is one of the top we reasons we show signs of aging, the rolling of the skin when skin is healthy adds a “controlled inflammation” to the skin to allow us to penetrate product better. Long story short, I would wait for now.

In terms of cleanser, I would stick to something creamy for the morning. We are looking to gently wake the skin up we usually do not need anything over drying to start the day!